Common Assistant Behaviour

Common Parameters of Assistants and Their Meanings

Create Eclipse project, optional. Should create .project (or any other appropriate file) and register project to Eclipse workspace (~/workspace by default, or the given path if any).
Register project on GitHub (uses current user name by default, or given name if any).
Name of the project to create, mandatory. Should also be able to accept full or relative path.

To include these parameters in your assistant with common help strings etc., include them from common_args.yaml (-n, -g) or eclipse.yaml (-e) snippet:

    snippet: common_args

Other Conventions

When creating snippets/Python commands, they should operate under the assumption that current working directory is the project directory (not one dir up or anywhere else). It is the duty of assistant to switch to that directory. The benefit of this approach is that you just cd once in assistant and then call all the snippets/commands, otherwise you’d have to put 2x`cd` in every snippet/command.