Project Metainfo: the .devassistant File

Each project created by DevAssistant gets a .devassistant file. This file contains information about the project, such as used Creator assistant or given paramaters. It can look like this:

devassistant_version: 0.7.0
  name: foo
  github: bkabrda
- python
- django

When .devassistant is used

Generally, there are two use cases for .devassistant:

  • Modifier assistants read the .devassistant file to get project type (which is specified by subassistant_path entry) and decide what to do with this type of project (by choosing a proper run section to execute, see Modifier Assistants).

  • When you use the custom preparer with URL to this project (da prep custom -u <url>), DevAssistant will checkout the project, read the data from .devassistant and install dependencies according to specified subassistant_path, assuming the local copy of DevAssistant knows given assistants (e.g. if your installation of DevAssistant doesn’t have python or django assistant, DevAssistant will just print a warning, but won’t install dependencies for those).

    Another nice thing about custom assistant is, that it will install any dependendencies that it finds in .devassistant. These dependencies look like normal dependencies section in assistant, e.g.:

    - rpm: [python-spam]

    It will also run a run section from .devassistant, if it is there. Again, this is a normal run section:

    - log_i: Hey, I'm running from .devassistant after checkout!

    Generally, when using custom assistant, you have to be extra careful, since someone could put rm -rf ~ or similar evil command in the run section. So use it only with projects whose upstream you trust.

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