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The devassistant project is a helper for all developers using (not-only) Fedora. It helps with creating and setting up basic projects in various languages, installing dependencies, setting up environment etc.

Devassistant provides three binaries with three different purposes:

  • da - create new project from scratch
  • da-mod - take local project and do something with it (e.g. import it to Eclipse)
  • da-prep - prepare development environment for a project from remote source control and checkout the source

Devassistant is based on idea of per-{language/framework/...} “assistants” with hierarchical structure. E.g. you can run:

$ da python django -n ~/myproject # sets up Django project named "myproject" inside your home dir
$ da python flask -n ~/flaskproject # sets up Flask project named "flaskproject" inside your home dir
$ da java jsf -n ~/alsomyproject # sets up RoR project named "alsomyproject" inside your home dir

Devassistant also allows you to work with a previously created project, for example import it to Eclipse:

$ da-mod eclipse # run in project dir or use -p to specify path

Last but not least, devassistant allows you to prepare environment for executing arbitrary tasks or developing upstream projects (either using “custom” assistant for projects previously created by devassistant or using specific assistant for specific projects):

$ da-prep custom custom -u scm_url

Devassistant works on Python 2.6, 2.7 and >= 3.3.

This whole project is licensed under GPLv2+.

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