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The devassistant project is a helper for all developers using (not-only) Fedora. It helps with creating and setting up basic projects in various languages, installing dependencies, setting up environment etc.

Devassistant provides three binaries with three different purposes:

  • da - create new project from scratch
  • da-mod - take local project and do something with it (e.g. import it to Eclipse)
  • da-prep - prepare development environment for a project from remote source control and checkout the source

Devassistant is based on idea of per-{language/framework/...} “assistants” with hierarchical structure. E.g. you can run:

$ da python django -n ~/myproject # sets up Django project named "myproject" inside your home dir
$ da python flask -n ~/flaskproject # sets up Flask project named "flaskproject" inside your home dir
$ da java jsf -n ~/alsomyproject # sets up RoR project named "alsomyproject" inside your home dir

Devassistant also allows you to work with a previously created project, for example import it to Eclipse:

$ da-mod eclipse # run in project dir or use -p to specify path

Last but not least, devassistant allows you to check out a project from SCM (either previously created by devassistant with “custom” assistant or a specific project, assuming that you have the individual assistant for it):

$ da-prep custom custom -u scm_url

Devassistant works on Python 2.6, 2.7 and >= 3.3.

This whole project is licensed under GPLv2+.

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